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I'm starting a new effort like kickstarter.com: you can now help underwrite posts here. There are plenty of posts I'd like to write except I just don't have the time. But, a small amount of donations will cause me to find the time.

There's a list of the possible posts below, and it will be added to occasionally. Please note:

* Donations won't have any affect on editorial decisions. Any possible posts on the list below are ones I'd write anyway, and all underwritten coverage will be just like all the other posts here. See the topics page for examples of past coverage.
* Any posts that are underwritten will be noted.
* No one who donates will receive anything in return, not even a link.
* You can donate to each of the listed posts using the indicated chipin page.

Sponsor these posts:

* 12/5/12: I'll eviscerate the complete "Growth and Immigration: A Handbook of Vital Immigration and Economic Growth Statistics" from the George W. Bush Institute in depth.
Code: quislinghandbook
Donation: $250
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* 3/30/12: I'll discuss a very large organization that's spent several millions of dollars on groups that enable illegal immigration and that promote comprehensive immigration reform. Despite spending a very large amount of money, the organization has gone largely unnoticed by those who oppose illegal immigration. I'll discuss who they've funded (including several of the groups already discussed here for years). I'll also post a second entry with some questions for the leader of the group. That leader isn't very high profile, but asking him questions he can't answer would send a very strong message.
Code: glmimmigration
Donation: $150 for the two posts.
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* 2/1/12: I'll help ensure that many of the leading figures who are misleading about Mitt Romney's recent comments (that he's "not concerned about the very poor") think twice before misleading about him again. That will consist of writing and publicizing posts and helping others write and publicize posts under my direction: an intellectual campaign designed to send a strong message to those who are misleading.
Code: romneypoor
Donation: $10,000. That might sound like a lot to some, but consider your options. The establishment media is going to keep misleading about Romney and his campaign isn't going to be able to do anything about it. Romney's supporters can't do anything effective to help him against those who mislead about him. The few rightwing bloggers who support Romney just have echo chambers that the media can safely ignore. Romney needs effective pushback against MSM lies, and if things go as they have he's not going to get the help he needs. If you think things like this is going to protect Romney against this, you're dreaming. If there's someone else who can protect Romney against the latter, name them.
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* 10/19/11: I'll question the biases of the Investigate Reporting Workshop, Frontline, and PBS which produced the recent "Lost in Detention" documentary. I won't discuss the documentary itself, just the meta. For instance, one of their "reporters" (Carolyn Brown) offers "Saving lives on the border" (link) after admitting that she's biased (link). What she supports actually makes things worse. For more bias, see their writeup on the documentary (link). I'm considering writing a sarcastic post detailing funding sources that IRW could use for future documentaries which would be fairly easy to write but which might not be as effective.
Code: charleslewis
Donation: $25 (Brown), $50 (their writeup and their biases)
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* 10/10/11: I'll post a (non-CAP-specific) version of my two and a half year old pro-American jobs plan to the White House's petition site, and then promote it. Anyone can create a petition on whitehouse.gov, and if 150 people sign on it becomes publicly searchable. Then, if 25,000 more people sign on after that, the Obama administration says they'll respond to the petition. So, this would be a good way to achieve various objectives: making the Obama administration and the general illegal immigration-supporting establishment look bad, encouraging immigration enforcement, and - most importantly of all - getting large numbers of unemployed Americans working again. Important note: I'll write that petition in such a way as to answer any objections the Obama administration might make and to try to prevent them from using distractions or getting off topic. My goal will be to make them choose between supporting my plan and looking bad. Once again, anyone can submit a petition there, but I'll design mine to be as effective as possible. Others' petitions might not be as effective at avoiding tricks that Obama or other lawyers and politicians in his administration will use.
Code: whpetition
Donation: $200
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* I'll discuss this post about Michelle Bachmann by Ian Millhiser of the Center for American Progress (see those links):
I'll discuss other things she might have meant and question his fundamental assumptions. The former won't be that strong; the latter will be stronger.
Code: bachmann1965
Donation: $125
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* I'll question part of Gary Jacobson's tea parties study (papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1907251) which has been used to once again play the race card on the teapartiers. This post won't be that thorough because I was unable to locate the questions for the 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study which he used. This will not be a pro-teaparty post, but an "oppose teaparty in better ways" post like this.
Code: jacobsontp
Donation: $35
Chipin page: 24aheaddotcom.chipin.com/jacobsontp-project

* I'll find excellent students who were rejected from Harvard in the relevant year and interview them about what they're doing now and what they think of an illegal alien taking a spot they could have had. This will be a "reverse PIIPP".
Code: harvardia
Donation: $125
Chipin page: 24aheaddotcom.chipin.com/harvard-project