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What Peter Eisner of PBS NewsHour can't figure out about skilled immigration - 10/20/13

Peter Eisner of PBS NewsHour offers a propaganda piece manqué entitled "Tight immigration rules divert high tech brains from Seattle to Santiago" ( peekURL.com/zsbjpQs ).

Fox News Latino promotes illegal immigration, culture of illegality - 03/14/11

One of the current top stories on Fox News' Latino site is 'I Was Undocumented on "Sesame Street"' [1], an attempt to promote illegal immigration that also promotes a culture of illegality. It's a first-person tale by Carlo Alban, who worked for the character "Mr. Hooper" on that show from 1993 to 1998. He had gotten the acting job using fake documents, and the article is full of tales of abusing the U.S. system in illegal ways: My family had come from Ecuador when I was seven and my older brother Angelo was nine. We came on a tourist visa, and the moment my parents had gotten it, we knew we...

Hillman Foundation awards: illegal immigration-supporting film, Nina Bernstein, questionable Marcy Wheeler/FDL report - 05/13/09

The Hillman Foundation has announced the winners of their 2009 awards (hillmanfoundation.org/pages/honorees/2009.html) and the honorees give us a special peek into a special world, including among them:

Jesse Washington /AP mainstreams MMFA smears, shows no regard for protecting U.S. from epidemic - 05/02/09

Jesse Washington of the Associated Press - author of this sleazy pro-Obama article - now offers "Immigration foes link flu to Mexican threat claims" (link, assistance from

Corporation for Public Broadcasting screens pro-illegal immigration film on Capitol Hill ("Made in L.A.") - 04/24/09

Earlier today, the pro-illegal immigration movie "Made in L.A." was screened on Capitol Hill for various politicians and others; a list is at [1]. Not only were those who are public servants wasting time watching movies on the U.S.'s dime, but the further involvement of PBS cranks it up a notch: Senior Vice President of Television Content at the Corporation For Public Broadcasting Ted Garcia highlighted the story and mission of Made in L.A. and acknowledged the many partners that came together to make the film possible: "Made in L.A. highlights some of the reasons why public service media is...

PBS "Engage" deletes comment critical of Gwen Ifill - 06/30/08

[PBS re-posted my comment; see the update.] The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) has a relatively new effort called "Engage" [1] in which they solicit feedback from their viewers. However, they only want the "right kind" of feedback and are willing to delete or ignore comments that are critical of their (public) network. In this particular case, a comment I left that was critical of Gwen Ifill appeared and then was later deleted. The whole sequence of events - and the comments in question - are included below. If the reader thinks the comment shouldn't have been deleted, please contact PBS...

"Liberals" get "liberalism" fed back to them by the shovelful - 02/18/05

The previous post "PBS's Hypocrisy Revealed: PBS station opposes day-laborer center" discussed WETA's reaction to a day-laborer center that was located near their headquarters in Shirlington in Arlington County, Virginia. There have been several reports on this center and on WETA's reaction to it. See also "Heights of hypocrisy" and this bit of socialist indoctrination as part of a class from George Mason University. The center is partially paid for by taxpayers, and partially by unnamed foundations. Whether the Rockefeller Foundation is one of those benefactors is unknown. From August 2003...