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Zack Ford
Washington, DC
LGBTQ Editor at @ThinkProgress, gay, atheist, bi/trans ally, proud SJW, pianist, @icalumni board, Twitch: SirBlogzaLot
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.@ZackFord of #ThinkProgress has a "CLARIFICATION": "Following updates to the New York Times’ story, this story has also been updated with a different photo and a few clearer sentences to avoid giving the impression this purchase was within Nikki Haley’s control."
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.@ZackFord: I'll bet you support SLAPP suits too, just as long as they break your way. #tcot #DuckDynasty #teaparty #ows #uniteblue #occupy
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.@ZackFord: so true! This #DuckDynasty issue isn't a matter of free speech. Phil Robertson can say anything he wants in the gulag! #tcot #p2