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Chris Kelly
Los Angeles
Christopher Soren Kelly #filmmaker, author, #actor, Ph. D. in philosophy. Love #meditation, science, beauty.... @thetanglemovie
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From @ForecasterEnten
Correlation between total favorable rating and horserace % in our Iowa poll? +0.76. Correlation between VERY favora…
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From @ForecasterEnten
This was part of the reason why I think many underestimated Trump in 2016 GOP primary. His total favorable rating w…
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From @Chris_S_Kelly
@ForecasterEnten Where can we see Very Favorable ratings for the primaries?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Chris_S_Kelly: as a PhD, what exactly is the purpose of @ForecasterEnten? Campaigns have their own & better pollsters. Why would anyone else care who's up in Iowa? Isn't the huge downsides of all the candidates' policies much more important to the USA?