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david sirias
Portland, OR
Lefty songwriter/musician/producer/publisher. UC Berkeley Law. My solo albums at all streaming sites. Producer/Writer/instruments for vocalist Holly Nichole
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From @CarmenYulinCruz
Those of us who have undergone the pain and suffering of stonger hurricanes because of climate change KNOW IT IS RE…
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From @davidsirias1
@CarmenYulinCruz Please be Bernie’s point person in bilingual LA OC IE. That Univision watching demo is huge. If yo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@davidsirias1: most in those areas are MexAms. @CarmenYulinCruz is from PR. Unless you try to engender a general anti-Yankee feeling (never underestimate how low Dems will go!) those groups don't have much in common. Do you support white solidarity too, Dave?