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Florida, USA
Master - 200 tons. USCG veteran (engineering) Order of the Golden Dragon, Sober, Non-Smoker. 30 yrs global experience. Outstanding references. ATPL pilot.
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From @MaraGay
Trump Administration Adds Six More Countries to Travel Ban @KannoYoungs
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From @yacht_aide
@MaraGay @KannoYoungs Excellent - About damned time a President works to PROTECT our sovereignty.
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From @Eagle77
@MaraGay @KannoYoungs Yes, if you were a good journalist, you'd know it's bcs the FBI/CIA advises him on where terr…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@yacht_aide: Trump's ban either wasn't needed or endangered the USA. To see that, ask yourself what Trump was doing when the ban was blocked. What was he doing in all those months?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Are ISIS terrorists more likelt to come from Iran, E. Europe, or W. Europe? MT @Eagle77 ...bcs the FBI/CIA advises him on where terrorists are coming from & to protect us, he implements a travel ban-AT THEIR RECOMMENDATION!...