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California, USA
Mother,Wife,Human Rights Expert,writer,producer,activist, founder @opferriswheel “Prominent Democrat” and an Award Winning Political Commentator ✌🏻
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From @joelpollak
Has @MelissaFazli withdrawn her claims?
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From @russnet
@joelpollak @MelissaFazli That's a fine avatar you've got there attention seeker. There's your victim, Joel.
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From @MelissaFazli
@russnet @joelpollak You made your opinion known back in May @russnet so there’s really no need to opine now. I s…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MelissaFazli: FYI, joelpollak supports amnesty because it has Trump's name on it. Amnesty is toxic to most Breitbart readers. Ergo, if you want to undercut Joel to his base point out to them that he's a big amnesty fan.