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Jed Davis 🏳️‍🌈
Boulder, CO
“Perhaps you're just different. Not a sin, you know — though you may have heard otherwise.”
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From @b0rk
I liked this post by @lethain about career goals a lot
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From @b0rk
it was a really good reminder that "get promoted" is not at all a goal I have right now and that I should make sure…
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From @graydon_pub
@b0rk Yeah, in several jobs I’ve had to repeatedly explain I’m not after promotion. Then reject promotions given an…
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From @Gankro
@graydon_pub @b0rk i really like that mozilla has an engineer track that just tries to capture the depth/responsibi…
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From @xlerb
@Gankro @graydon_pub @b0rk My understanding is that separate IC and management tracks are commonish in tech. But M…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Maybe they should just concentrate on making a browser that isn't incredibly slow & doesn't crash all the time. @gankro = incompetent. MT @xlerb ...But Mozilla's engineering ladder does involve a shift towards planning and leading and coordinating and teaching...