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Allison Vanore
Los Angeles / New York
Emmy Award-winning Producer of @AFtheseries on Amazon! @VanitySeries @TheRainbowExp @42SecondsMovie @mitchumpod. Exec board of @womennmedia. Opinions are my own
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From @alliecine
We’re going to have to join them when we come through DC next month. I’ve never thought about camping on the White…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@alliecine: Fox/MAGA/Breitbart will give the @twitwar2017 the ol' OWS treatment, highlighting misbehaving hippies in order to help Trump. twitwar2017 would end up helping Trump. Corinthians 13:11: urge MSM to use Socratic questioning against Trump proxies. That's the smart way.