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There’s nothing better than October baseball! ️ Game 2 of the #WorldSeries begins tonight at 8:00 PM ET.
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.@FOXSportsPR: millions of Americans are sick of kneeball, why pollute the #WorldSeries with your constant promos for an un-American pseudo-sport?
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RT @FOXSportsPR: FOX Sports wrapped up the #WorldCup Round of 16 with #ENG and #COL battle royale @FOXSoccer
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.@SportsTVRatings: Fox has been OK about putting #WorldCup games on network. Now they're hiding Friday's games on FS1. That harms existing/new fans, Fox ratings, Fox advertisers, soccer in the USA, & future USMNT Please sign & share the petition in my pinned tweet. @FOXSportsPR