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Will Stancil
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I do metropolitan policy research, focused on fair housing, school integration, and demography. Midwestern progressive, lawyer. Opinions are very much my own.
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From @brianbeutler
Literally everyone in the industry knows what happened here: Trump delivered a demented rant that caromed off in a…
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From @whstancil
@brianbeutler In private, the people who write these headlines surely joke about his rants the same as everyone els…
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From @grover_david
@brianbeutler Trump risks losing the flat earther vote with all the "world in a universe" talk. When he pivots to d…
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From @wellsab
@grover_david @brianbeutler "We used to have turtle. So many turtles, the biggest turtles anyone ever saw. So tall…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@whstancil: imagine Soros hired you to undercut Trump to his base. Would you do all the things #TheResistance has done & expect to keep your job? Those like @brianbeutler are even more of a friend of Trump than his proxies. They've constantly made things very easy for him.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Obviously, Trump's "rants" resonate. Beutler isn't smart enough to show them wrong. MT @wellsab [mocks Trump talk] MT @brianbeutler Literally everyone in the industry knows..Trump delivered a demented rant [wind, lightbulbs, etc] [It'd] be the mockery of the nation [if only]
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From @sbagen
RT @whstancil: I think @ericlevitz should start a “Obvious Political Observations That Democrats Have Convinced Themselves Cannot Be True”…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sbagen @whstancil: a line of questioning I'm sure you can come up would show Trump's bans were either unnecessary or endangered the USA. Using that against Trump's proxies would greatly help the USA. @ericlevitz has access to Trump proxies. Has he ever done anything like that?