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.@getjohnnyahome - the Philly / homeless / GoFundMe scam - is still valid. A year ago I pointed out it was a bad idea:
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.@MichaelPawluk @getjohnnyahome @cj_wentz: @JohnAndKenShow truly hate the homeless. @ericgarcetti is a simpleton empty suit putting on a show but not helping them. When you realize both are wrong & work to discredit them you'll be helping. #HappyThanksgiving #MAGA #resist
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Making donors feel good about themselves <> actually helping the homeless. #HappyThanksgiving #MAGA #resist MT @MichaelPawluk: @getjohnnyahome @cj_wentz How about THAT?!!! a quarter of a million dollars and donations still pouring in!!
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@getjohnnyahome I heard about your story and ️ that both you &amp; Johnny decided to #payitforward ! Best wishes from…
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.@nancypif: @getjohnnyahome isn't going to do anything for the millions of other homeless. It makes givers feel better, but that doesn't help the homeless. Only *policy changes* would help the homeless, like more spending on mental health & anti-addiction. #HappyThanksgiving