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León Krauze
Los Angeles, CA
Journo @Univision Column @WashingtonPost @Slate @El_Universal_Mx Podcast @realTrumpCast #Epicentro Have written @NewYorker @atavistmag
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From @saletan
You know those corrupt countries where the president abuses power with impunity, is shielded by servile legislators…
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From @JRSox029
@saletan @LeonKrauze You mean like when Obama pardoned a well known US terrorist Where was your outrage on that
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From @24aheaddotcom_
So, Trump's as bad as Obama? P.S. Another way you & Will are alike is you want to protect our elected employees from tough policy questions. Only the group you want to protect differs. MT @JRSox029 [Obama did it too!] MT @saletan [meltdown re Blago]