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Walter Olson
Washington DC; New Market, MD
Author & blogger, about law especially; @CatoInstitute & @overlawyered.
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.@walterolson: @CathyGellis is a lawyer, trained in Socratic technique, yet not sane/smart enough to use it. Instead she has lunkhead ideas.
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Daesh in dairyland: "two dozen" Minnesotans have joined Al-Shabab, which murdered 100s in Nairobi and Garissa
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.@walterolson: what's the Cato Institute plan to reduce the numbers of refugees allowed into the U.S.? Doesn't Cato want them all?
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.@walterolson: @DLind can't answer these #immigration questions: You just can't trust what #Vox writes.
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.@24AheadDotCom @walterolson I would like to know what @DLind says to American citizen college applicants displaced by #DREAMers.