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Los Angeles, CA
Writer, speaker, thinker on Title IX, trauma, sexual assault, abuse. Anti-rape activist. Podcaster @ Wondery. Words in DAME, Teen Vogue, NYT, ESSENCE. She/hers
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This @jwpetersNYT retrospective on the Tea Party’s “summer of rage” ten years ago makes not a single, solitary refe…
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The @nytimes added the Tea Party’s racism to this report, but the sentence—and it’s only one—is rubbish. Rather tha…
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@JamilSmith @nytimes Yikes. And I see the author is working on a book re: Trump? How can one do that if they miss t…
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When was Teaparty founded? Find that out, then decide if you can trust Smith. Were their loudest opponents challenging them on contradictions in their support for free market capitalism, or just playing cards? MT @wagatwe [cheers @JamilSmith playing race card on Teaparty]