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Bryan Hoch
New York, NY
Rhymes with Coke. I cover the #Yankees for @mlb. 2X NYC Marathoner. Penny & Maddie’s dad. My wife danced with @springsteen. 📚: #TheBabyBombers & #Mission27.
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From @BryanHoch
Game 4 will be played Thursday (tomorrow) at 8:08pm ET. Game 5 will be played Friday at 7:08pm ET. #Yankees #Astros #ALCS
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From @russ99a
@BryanHoch That's crazy, Friday's game at night with travel afterwards and then a night game Saturday? Obviously M…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@russ99a: even worse, thanks to @BryanHoch 's employer, baseball is now a specialty sport akin to lacrosse. MLB sells out to Murdoch, who hides the ALCS on a channel 10s of millions don't get. MLB won't cut their prices to get on network where millions more can see the ALCS.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bryanhoch: can you ask @MLB to explain how selling out to Murdoch who then hides the semifinals of a major sport on a channel millions don't get or know about, is good for the sport they unfortunately administer? In #LosAngeles, Fox affiliate has a Big Bang Theory rererererun.