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Near where Washington crosssed the Delaware.
My punditry has nothing to do with my PhD. Columnist @arcdigi. Election reporter @DecisionDeskHQ. I tweet about lots of stuff. You might even like some of it.
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This was all over my "tweets from last century" when I logged on this morning but I'm only just getting to it. My w…
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"In a statement Thursday, O’Rourke did not address the witness account of his alleged attempt to flee." DUI is bad.…
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.@varadmehta: NYT obsesses over trivia (like Beto & beek jerky). You & @DavidRutz obsess over a 20+ year old DWI. USA desperately needs pols - *all* pols - to be really pressed on policy. You two & the NYT hack are just parasites of no use to the USA whatsoever.