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Ashish K. Jha
Cambridge, MA
Physician, health policy researcher, and advocate for the notion that an ounce of data is worth a thousand pounds of opinion. Also Director of @harvardgh
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From @davisliumd
RT @ashishkjha: "In the end, the calculus is simple, and we think the governors have it wrong" @NEJM editorial on Ebola quarantine http://…
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.@davisliumd @ashishkjha: the NEJM #Ebola editorial about quarantines is deceptive:
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From @onceuponA
People you should follow for sane Ebola coverage: • @EdInTheICU • @ashishkjha • @CitizenCohn • @sarahkliff/@juliaoftoronto • @sam_baker
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.@onceuponA: juliaoftoronto just repeats what Obama wants; she's not capable of independent thought. See #Vox