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Gregory Garza
Atlanta, GA
Futbol for @fccincinnati Dallas Native. Globetrotting Gypsy. Family man. Wannabe Poet. Life Motto- Se Deus Quiser.
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From @gmgarza4
Such an honor to represent and wear this crest once again. Can’t wait! #blessed
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From @fc_waffle
@gmgarza4 @ussoccer_mnt So happy for you Greg. #ForClubAndCulinary
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@fc_waffle: very few know who @gmgarza4 is because @ussoccer_mnt is so incredibly bad. They hide #USMNT games on FS1 or worse rather than taking less to get on ESPN or network. They help make #soccer a specialty sport. They aren't trying to widen the tent, just milk an old cow.