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Pennsylvania, USA
•MARINE CORPS INFANTRY VETERAN• •Absolutely zero time for #MAGA bullshit• #TRE45ON #ConvictAndRemove #LevSpeaks
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From @MrMikeBlake
Yep, I said it! If you agree with me and wonder why the hell does #TuckerCarlson still hav…
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From @USMCLiberal
@MrMikeBlake Probably because they think he’s good for their Russians. I mean ratings. #TraitorCarlson
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@USMCLiberal: @MrMikeBlake is trying to get Tucker fired. Trying to get someone fired isn't liberal. Blake is lying about what Tucker said (or isn't smart enough to figure out what he meant). Lying about someone isn't that liberal either. Act like a real liberal.