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Casting Director LA /Denver Union, non-Union & "real people" for Commercials, TV, Film, & all new media IG: STONECASTING
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.@stonecasting: @AnnCoulter is a dim grifter only adept at selling books to suckers. @krassenstein isn't in her league as far as suckering, just being dim. #immigration is pushed by the wealthy to lower wages etc. Plus, reason for school shootings is cultural.
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RT @krassenstein: Ann Coulter suggests that we reduce mass shootings with an immigration moratorium and with mass deportations. There has…
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Cruz was a an immigrant (refugee orphan). MT @stonecasting MT @krassenstein Ann Coulter says [immigration moratorium and with mass deportations would ]reduce mass shootings with an . There has NEVER been an immigrant mass school shooter that I am aware of [race card]