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Carlton Cuse
Los Angeles
Creator, writer, showrunner. Occasionally mistaken for Ted Danson. Projects: LOST, BATES MOTEL, THE STRAIN, COLONY and (now filming) TOM CLANCY'S JACK RYAN.
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THANK YOU ! Fans, producers, writers, actors... The Best Team ever! @TheStrainFX #TheStrain @CarltonCuse @RealGDT…
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.@RichardSammel: where's Eichhorst now? #TheStrain
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.@carltoncuse: since The Master can magically appear via editing tricks, why doesn't he just do that at the Illuminati office? #TheStrain
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MT @elizabeth_19879 @CarltonCuse @TheStrainFX If Nora isn't brought back (Lumen?) I'm DONE w/ #thestrain. Way to infuriate your fans.