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U.S Military's oath is to an unwavering Constitution, not Congress/Govt! FB @LouDobbs @GenFlynn @CharlieKirk11 @JessieJaneDuff Jesus the Christ is Lord & Savior
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Cory Booker says his testifying against Sessions was 'a Call To Conscience' --& a call to MSNBC CNN ABC CBS NPR Today Show GMA 60 Minutes...
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From @USARebelSway
@AnnCoulter @CoryBooker lost a lot of support from white racists --you know, the white racists that voted for him. He's a race baiter.
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.@USARebelSway: I'm wondering what you think about @AnnCoulter being a yuge fan of NFL, but hating a whites-friendly sport like #soccer?
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From @USARebelSway
@24AheadDotCom_ @AnnCoulter: Because #soccer $ucks and not very entertaining?