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Tom Perriello
Always Virginian
Former teacher, diplomat, & Congressman. CEO of WinVA, helping to flip VA House of Delegates to blue. Robot antagonist/UBI-skeptic.
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.@Cernovich: help undercut @tomperriello & @brennanmgilmore *to their base* in *smart/sane/patriotic/big tent* ways, not #AltRight ways.
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.@Cernovich: @tomperriello & @brennanmgilmore would criminalize dissent if given free rein. Make amends for all damage #AltRight has done...
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.@MayThewords: there's just 3 docs for every 100,000 Somalians. @tomperriello wants them to come here, not stay there. Point out to his fans
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.@MayThewords: you reply to @tomperriello supporting #ImmigrantDocs. If you want to undercut him, point out he'd braindrain developing world
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.@tomperriello <<-- his policies will help increase border deaths & drive down wages for American workers. @C_Herring @uvalaxfan @jaemery