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From @ttagaris
The Pete for America Innovation Team out there working hard on Christmas Eve coming up with gimmicks to lower his a…
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From @ttagaris
This is so transparently hilarious. Wow, his average donation was lower this quarter... it’s a Christmas miracle!
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From @TheRealista35
@ttagaris Like the repeated emails I've been getting from the Sanders campaign to donate #2.70. The were smart to game the system first.
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From @janieo
@TheRealista35 @ttagaris Oh thanks! Motivation to donate $50 to Bernie.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@janieo: in his Vox interview, Bernie correctly pointed out loose borders are a Koch scheme to lower wages. In both his campaigns, he's pushed loose borders. Ask @ttagaris to explain why Bernie pushes policies he admits harms workers. P.S. Mayor Pete & Trump agree with Bernie.