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Wheatland, WY
Sports fan - Phillies, Eagles, Michigan FB and Gopher hockey, geek, gardener, chocoholic, nasty woman! -- Net neutrality info
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From @TomSteyer
More than 50 members of Congress now publicly support an impeachment inquiry into our corrupt, lawless president. D…
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From @StrassburgRoger
@TomSteyer @laxietoo Yes
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From @laxietoo
@StrassburgRoger @TomSteyer Of course mine doesn't. She is Liz Cheney.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@laxietoo: @TomSteyer has enough time & money to oppose Trump in a series of ways. Not just impeachment, but other actions designed to hold Trump accountable no matter what Congress does. Would it be better for #TheResistance if Steyer wasn't just a one-trick pony?