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i do triathlons and stuff. @Lions fan for life, even if it kills me. Rocking @justsaiyan_gear and @getphysiclo
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YouTube banned Sebastian Gorka because he won't stop playing Imagine Dragons on his channel.
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From @Qasharah
@willsommer @davidmweissman
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From @IwriteOK
@willsommer Will I can't stop laughing at this headline
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From @Tri_Boucher
@IwriteOK @willsommer I seriously don't know anyone (that I respect) that likes Imagine Dragons
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I think people should play the video games they want, I'd just show GTA harmful to discredit its pushers. Sommer's a lil' Honecker who'd ban disfavored games. MT @Tri_Boucher [P. Kael over I.D.] MT @willsommer [cheers Youtube for banning Seb Gorka over playing 'Imagine Dragons']
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Qasharah: Youtube banning Seb Gorka for playing 'Imagine Dragons' sounds funny. Then you look at the history of @willsommer & realize he's a lil' Honecker eager to ban anyone who dissents from the establishment line. He's the polar opposite of a liberal.