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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the pastThomas Jefferson #MAGA #No DM Proud & honored to have VP Pence follows me & many others
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.@RoseHasNoThorns @SaysMissy: Trump has the means to make smart arguments that'd undercut Pelosi etc to many 20 somethings. Either he isn't smart enough to think up those smart arguments or he is but won't use them. Which is it?
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RT @SaysMissy: Every 20 something that is paying a huge student loan ... and believes in open borders with no immigration enforcement, thin…
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Maybe 2% of 20-something's consciously believe in open borders. Many support loose borders because the alternative - being aligned with Trump & his base - is incredibly unpalatable to most. MT @RoseHasNoThorns RT @SaysMissy: [some 20 somethings believe in open borders]