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Torrey Hoffman
Seattle, WA
A Canadian in Seattle. Google tech lead & Eng manager on Google Maps. Into CrossFit & Spartan races. Reformed theology, progressive politics.
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From @stuartathompson
When we first started working with the data, we wanted to see if any sensitive sites were included. I zoomed into t…
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From @stuartathompson
Then we scrolled over the White House. Surely not that many pings here? In the West Wing? Then this popped up. Each…
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From @stuartathompson
So there were pings at the White House. In the West Wing. But what about the "Winter White House," Mar-a-Lago? Yes.…
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From @stuartathompson
What we found after working with the data is that we could find and track smartphones anywhere we wanted. *Every* n…
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From @torreyh
@stuartathompson This is how cell phones work. Is this .. news to you? Have you been living in a cave for 10 years?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@torreyh [Google lackey objects to Slim lackey @stuartathompson on cell phone tracking]: what % of users know that GOOG tracks their exact (& interpolated) GPS location, including whether they're walking, driving, etc. over 100s of readings per day?