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Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University. Staff Writer, The New Yorker. Penguin Press author.
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.@stevecollny: you kinda come out against social media censorship, want them to "affirmatively promote fact-based journalism". Do you know what that is? For instance, are these cookie cutter tales fact-based journalism or deceptive propaganda?
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.@stevecollny: check out these cookie-cutter #immigration articles that've appeared in papers throughout the USA: All hype same thing & use same structure. The MSM has made it incredibly easy for a pathological liar like Trump. #FakeNews #MAGA #resist
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@stevecollny: at #NewYorker you blog "The Distrust That Trump Relies Upon". #immigration is where MSM deceives the most. For instance, @nytlizrobbins recently referred to a Bloomberg/Murdoch propaganda outfit as just a business group w/o revealing who was involved. Journalism?