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@GOP Co-chair | Husband, father of 3 | @TexasLonghorns @dallascowboys @dallasstars @texasrangers @dallasmavs fan .@realDonaldTrump
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From @susaninpahrump
@TommyHicksGOP @SebGorka Really! But we did hear how many people were out of work and / or working multiple jobs a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@susaninpahrump: Pahrump! Did you ever see Art Bell's antenna? Also, aren't you sick of the Dems dividing citizens by race & gender? Like "Meteor To Hit Earth, Women & People Of Color Hardest Hit." Isn't @TommyHicksGOP acting exactly as the Dems & MSM do?
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From @TommyHicksGOP
We didn't hear ANY mention of President Trump's booming economy during #DemDebate3. Nothing about the 6.3M jobs cr…
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From @amysuds
@TommyHicksGOP Of course not. #FourMoreYears
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Isn't slicing & dicing citizens as Tommy does the same thing the Dems do? Exactly how is he an alternative to their Gramscism? MT @amysuds MT @TommyHicksGOP [Dem debate didn't extol] the record-low unemployment for women, African Americans, Latino Americans, & Asian Americans