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Next to Freakville
Interroga omnia. Hell is empty and the devils are all here. Drinking bourbon and wandering the wasteland....
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JUST POSTED: Beyond the glare of Washington, President Trump’s retreat on the environment is unfolding in consequen…
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@EricLiptonNYT @craigtimes @SteveEder @JohnBranchNYT Because the air and water was so amazingly clean before Trump?
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@PapaSwamp @EricLiptonNYT @SteveEder @JohnBranchNYT If drivers are speeding a lot on the highway, you don't normall…
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You won't undercut Trump to his base, the only thing that matters. You simply aren't smart enough to figure out how. MT @EricLiptonNYT ...Trump’s retreat on the environment is unfolding in consequential ways for the health and safety of Americans. The NYT takes a deep look...
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.@craigtimes: the only way to undercut Trump is to whittle away at his base. If @EricLiptonNYT were smart, he could do that. He isn't. Everything he says will be forgotten the next day & will have zero impact on Trump. He might as well shake his fist at the face in the sky.