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dan kelley
The West
Father, Christian rock drummer, Horseman,Gunslinger, prolife rightwing patriot. Breeder of quality AKC English Bulldogs. NRA Member, Proud Father of A US Marine
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cowdandan @HouseCracka: I want Trump to help DREAMers repatriate. With the proper arguments, that's 100% feasible & would show up MSM & Dems. All @AnnCoulter can do is push things that won't happen and that just help Pelosi, Trump, & Schumer. Really, really think this through.
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From @cowdandan
RT @HouseCracka: Ann Coulter: ‘Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!’
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From @24aheaddotcom_
To the extent you're capable, think that through. Obviously, Trump can't & doesn't want to deport DREAMers. By hyping something that won't happen, you're just helping Pelosi, Trump, & Schumer. MT @cowdandan @HouseCracka Ann Coulter: ‘Let’s Start by Deporting the DREAMers!’