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Tom Winter
New York, NY
NBC News Correspondent for Investigations. Focused on Police, Courts, Corruption, Cyber Security, and Counter-terrorism stories in the Eastern U.S.
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From @Tom_Winter
NBC News: Former Congressman Christopher Collins has been sentenced to 26 months in a federal prison for his inside…
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From @Tom_Winter
NBC News: Former Rep. Christopher Collins asked for no jail time for his insider trading scheme and then for lying…
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@Tom_Winter This is the guy who did insider trading right in front of cameras from the White House lawn or garden c…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Smart questions I repeatedly posted would have forced Collins to drop Trump in a way that would've greatly undercut Trump to his nascent base. Why didn't Winter ask them? Why do you enable those who didn't ask them? MT @JORGE_C_NY MT @Tom_Winter [Chris Collins gets 26 months]