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Slovenské mediálne správy priamo od zdroja / Press and media releases, Slovakia. #médiá, #správy, #Slovensko, #tlacovespravy, #SVK, #PR, #Slovakia.
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From @getongab
So apparently the shadowbanning goes beyond just those with the quality filter activated. It appears to even impact…
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From @sevvierose
@getongab @MarkDice There's more than just the search ban, shadowban, and QFD at work. Every account has a number o…
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From @LoriGirl_Texas
@sevvierose @getongab @MarkDice This could explain why, with over 21K followers, i see very little activity. Twitte…
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From @DovePresents
@LoriGirl_Texas @tlacovaspravask @sevvierose @getongab @MarkDice Normally I get a few new followers each week, over…
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From @LoriGirl_Texas
@DovePresents @tlacovaspravask @sevvierose @getongab @MarkDice Indeed it is. It's also discrimination. Conservatism is not a crime.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LoriGirl_Texas: FYI, @getongab is lying about what #Twitter is doing. See my pinned tweet for actual data on #Twitter censorship. They censor *all* kinds of users. Gab could destroy Twitter by pointing that out, but they lie and pretend it's all about conservatives.