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Clint Eastwood🇺🇸
Los Angeles, CA
I AM NOT Clint Eastwood. I'm 👉Walt Kowalski, Dirty Harry & Blondie. The Good The Bad & The Ugly Fansite. #VETS #Trump2020. Now #MakeMyDay & #GetOffMyLawn
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From @AnnCoulter
You can't use a common saw to cut through the Great Wall of China.
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From @envoy92
@AnnCoulter News headline “Ann Coulter calling for the Chinese to build wall between Mexico and the US using 7th Ce…
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From @ClintEastwoodLA
@AnnCoulter The photo was probably photoshopped anyway, Ann .. anything for a story, eh.
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From @saucylewis25
@ClintEastwoodLA @AnnCoulter I'm sure if that's true Trump would definitely do something about it. He doesn't give…
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From @GreenFr26657741
@saucylewis25 @ClintEastwoodLA @AnnCoulter Omg we got Clint Eastwood in the house
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@saucylewis25: @ClintEastwoodLA hypes the border "wall", despite smugglers cutting holes in it. As you can see, I've opposed amnesty since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's site, etc. The "wall" is a bad joke. If smugglers don't get to it, Congress will just neglect/demo it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GreenFr26657741: the smart way to reduce illegal immigration is to make arguments *tailored to liberals* that undercut their leaders. Like how amnesty reduce wages & helps Big Biz. That's all Trump has to do. Instead, he & @ClintEastwoodLA hype a vaporware "wall".
24AheadDotCom_'s avatar
From @24aheaddotcom_
.@envoy92: @AnnCoulter said the "wall" would be "forever". As soon as Trump's out of office, the next admin & Congress will just neglect or tear down what little of the "wall" is built. There are smart, lasting alternatives (see my bio) but Coulter has repeatedly refused to help