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Tim O'Brien
New York
Executive Editor: Bloomberg View (@BV) and Gadfly (@Gadfly). Prior: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, HP. Author: TRUMPNATION: THE ART OF BEING THE DONALD.
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.@TimOBrien: how come I can't give this away, but Trump opponents concentrate on personal smears, Trump Steaks, etc. etc. & thus *help* him?
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.@TimOBrien: explaining to Trump fans how Wall, #MuslimBan, etc would fail miserably before the election would seem to have been good idea.
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.@TimOBrien: in Aug 2015 I detailed how Trump's #immigration plan (written by Coulter) would fail miserably. Likewise in Dec 2015 w/ ban.
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.@TimOBrien: hey Tim, what happens when someone follows a @fdwilkinson link & finds out he's full of it: ? #ows #oo