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✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿I'm a smartass fluent in profanity. #PoliticalJunkie #TheResistance • #blϻ • #ϻϵtϴϴ • ϵͷδ thϵ stῖgϻα on MHI #FuckTrump Follow my Alt-@OutOfFuqs
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From @Kokomothegreat
I'm back beyotches My shadowban has been lifted. Let's get back at it. #whataretheyhiding…
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From @tgiff1
@Kokomothegreat @BOB_1and_only Can you explain Shadowban?
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From @BOB_1and_only
@tgiff1 @Kokomothegreat Some form of wacky glitch/censorship that twitter has. Your tweets don’t show up in people’…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BOB_1and_only @tgiff1: for examples of shadowbanning, see the hundreds of tweets #Twitter censored. See the reports linked from my top tweet. They censor about as many libs as cons. Want to stop it? Contact MSM reporters & urge them to cover what Twitter is actually doing.