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God Bless America.
Alabama, USA
I love my country . Retired operations mgr, Vietnam era veteran,husband, father,grandaddy, and conservative. Trump supporter .Block all atheists .
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.@BarberreeMike @RMConservative: if Trump used smart anti-illegal #immigration arguments - not just ones that played at Breitbart but those which undercut Pelosi to her fans - he could do a huge public service. Why won't your idol do that? #MAGA #resist
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From @BarberreeMike
RT @RMConservative: The American citizen just has no power anymore. They don't listen to us. And this is why there is such a sense of despe…
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Actually, many U.S. citizens have a great deal of power. Those who oppose illegal #immigration are drowned out by crazy goofballs who make things worse. #MAGA #resist MT @BarberreeMike RT @RMConservative: The American citizen just has no power anymore.
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RT @Pjupfront: @nytimes @BarberreeMike @realDonaldTrump Strange state. Cruz and a socialist. Take 2nd and run with it! Trump2016!
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.@FranCifelli: Trump lost because he fans didn't demand he promotes real policies like Help your idol. #tcot