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The American Sector of America
Living on Hatteras Island, enjoying #NCFreedom and making political ads for those fighting #Socialism. #AllSocialistsAreTheSame #NeverTrustASocialist
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@ChuckCJohnson @MarkSKrikorian @kausmickey @AnnCoulter Oral Exam.
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.@Shaftan: Krikorian/Kaus/Coulter could have stopped amnesty, but did absolutely nothing. Long term that will harm their careers. #teaparty
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.@ChuckCJohnson: on 11/2 I sent If you'd done that you'd have increased Dem loss & gotten a viral vid. When will you?
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.@Shaftan: like @kerpen says, you distracted from the real issue: electing another #Koch mole. #satire #NJSen #gop #NJ #uniteblue #tcot #ows