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Long-distance Minnesotan. Senior writer/meat sculpture correspondent with @splinter_news All opinions mine, not theirs. I'll have the soup.
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@solace @TheJewishDream To Kyle's point, here is the full quote from the York, Pennsylania newspaper interview that…
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.@chris_steller: what do you think about @TheJewishDream 's "GOP Congressman Had an Incredibly Racist Book on Display In His Office"? What would Rafi do to books he doesn't like if he had the ability?
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READER: Criminals who aid criminals don't deserve our support. ME: But humanitarians who save lives do.…
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.@ejmontini @TheJewishDream: blogging about their arrested worker, you call @NoMoreDeaths a "humanitarian" group. In fact, they're sociopaths who help *increase* border deaths. If you enable them, you've got blood on your hands.