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North Of the Border Wall
The Bounded Bundle Is Stronger than the Individual. Closed Borders American Nationalist #NoWhiteGuilt #BuildTheWall #MAGA #TRUMP
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From @placeholderacctignorethis
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From @Daniellecvega
@KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter What does being white have to do with anything?
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From @Private34349909
@Daniellecvega @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter South Africa is committing white genocide. Americans have been indoctri…
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From @Daniellecvega
@Private34349909 @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter There are several places in the world where people are committing gen…
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From @DaniTheRevert
@Daniellecvega @Private34349909 @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter Gladly condemn this act when targets of the attack are…
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From @Daniellecvega
@DaniTheRevert @Private34349909 @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter Well now wait a minute... I am responsible for my acti…
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From @Daniellecvega
@DaniTheRevert @Private34349909 @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter Perpetuates the cycle of violence. I can not take bac…
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From @DaniTheRevert
@Daniellecvega @Private34349909 @KultovKristofer @AnnCoulter White people will throw anyone under the bus to save t…
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From @KultovKristofer
@DaniTheRevert @Daniellecvega @Private34349909 @AnnCoulter White People help everyone in the world other than ourse…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KultovKristofer @DaniTheRevert: what's funny is @AnnCoulter isn't even pro-white. She **hates** whites-friendly soccer but loves NFLBLM.