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Laura Seay
Scenic Maine
Texan. @ColbyCollege political scientist. Associate Editor @monkeycageblog. Formerly @Morehouse. Researching governance in central Africa. Opinions mine. #T1D
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MT @texasinafrica Most [Ebola victims get symptoms in] 2-10 days of exposure. [Not likely] to walk Ebola into the US// Geez is she dumb. #p2
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RT @texasinafrica: You have to be pretty healthy to survive walking into the US through the desert. Someone with Ebola wouldn't make it. ht…
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.@edwebb: @texasinafrica is wrong. Someone merely infected w/ #Ebola could walk x desert. She also supports Darwinistic #immigration policy.
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.@texasinafrica: what do you think of globalists, those who support "free trade" and the like in order to make the rich richer? #OWS #occupy