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Columnist @TheWeek. Editor @PennPress. Author: The Theocons; The Religious Test. "Right of the left & left of the right" "Linker is the cure for wokeness."
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From @olivertraldi
Nice essay by @DamonLinker on the NYT's 1619 Project.
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OK. What's the action plan? What are some of the smart, realistic things the 80%+ who oppose SJWs can do right now? Or, did you mean "nice" in the "bless his heart" way? RT @olivertraldi Nice essay by @DamonLinker on the NYT's 1619 Project.
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.@damonlinker gets it exactly right on #1619 project, conceding the need to bring this wrenching history to public…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
SJWs are 20% of USA at most; True Believers are much less. Getting it "right" = a smart/sane/big tent/patriotic opposition with smart action plans. In what universe did he get it right? MT @KayHymowitz @damonlinker gets it exactly right on [NYT's] #1619 project [being mega SJW]
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.@DamonLinker: whether someone supports or opposes Trump, there's a chance he'd win. What's your plan to make him better, just in case?
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.@DamonLinker: the Publius Decius Mus essay you discuss was almost as chilling as #TheStrain. I'm still quaking in my boots. However (contd)