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Russ Cirincione Twitter Captain. No longer well adjusted to injustice. #NoMiddleGround #TheSquad #IStandWithIlhan Access is not healthcare.
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If there was only one reason not to re-elect @RepAdamSchiff it’s that he voted to give more than $200 million to IC…
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From @TarynVaneWP101
@Maebe_A_Girl @RepAdamSchiff No ICE please and thank you. #AbolishICE
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.@TarynVaneWP101: @Maebe_A_Girl [joke candidate gegen Schiff] is unwittingly very pro-Big Biz. Trump's horrific, but ICE/BP are needed to keep Big Biz from flooding the labor market to lower wages. U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, Walmart, Koch, etc have no use for ICE either.