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Wouldn’t vote for either major party candidate in 2016. #NeverTrump Blocked by Mollie Hemingway; Lifelong GOP voter now an enthusiastic Biden supporter.
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RT @PaulWDrake @AnnCoulter Call your sponsor. This sounds like a serious relapse, a cry for help.
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What's the one thing more important than stopping Trump, in the eyes of the GOP establishment? ...
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@kausmickey It's not rocket science, the mass deportation agenda is a non-starter in the Fall. You're in a bubble.
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.@PaulWDrake: @kausmickey isn't "in a bubble", he's just a grifter who could care less about reducing illegal #immigration. #tcot #teaparty
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.@PaulWDrake: I asked ex-foreign minister a question, tried to ask Obama a question. @kausmickey lacked the balls to ask *Barbara Boxer* a Q