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Tanya O'Rourke
cincinnati, ohio
Cincinnati girl, Emmy winning WCPO-TV News Anchor ,4pm, 6pm, 11pm. TOTAL Cincy sports HOMER! Tweets are my own, retweets are not endorsements.
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From @TanyaORourke
Just watched @BillWeirCNN’s special on #hirricaneMaria and #PuertoRico on @cnn. EXCELLENT. I’m sure you can find i…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TanyaORourke: BillWeirCNN = a weatherman. He & the rest aren't exactly survivalists, unless that involves Whole Foods. They don't understand things like cisterns & homebrew H2O purification, etc. etc. That makes many of their #PuertoRico criticisms not in touch with reality.