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Maryland, USA
❌🔴Blocked From Following by Twitter for Several Months🔴❌ Please Follow Me 🔴❌ 🇺🇸TRUMP/PENCE2020🇺🇸 Tired of Lefts Corruption THINK FOR YOURSELVES.
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From @patriotimigrant
RT @deanbc1: Hey Twitter. Restore CJ Pearson's account now. He is a respectful, young man with a brilliant mind. This censorship of Conse…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@patriotimigrant @deanbc1: my data (start at my top tweet) shows #Twitter censors about as many libs as cons. If you want to help CJ Pearson, get the MSM to cover that. You'll put Twitter in a world of hurt & forces changes. So, will you try to do that?