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Morgan City, Louisiana
Family, Hunting, Fishing, Sports #NichollsAlum
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From @EddieRispone
.@realdonaldtrump is right - we need to vote out radical liberal @johnbelforla. It's time to lower our taxes, lower…
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From @matt_lorenzo7
@EddieRispone @T_FdEz @realDonaldTrump @JohnBelforLA Rispone hired hella “illegals” to keep his cost down while Lou…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@matt_lorenzo7: as @T_FdEz points out, your @EddieRispone talking point is wrong. In fact, he forced his opponents to backtrack. You got "owned". Meanwhile, his support for a Muslim ban shows how incompetent Trump is. You don't know that because your leaders are dim & corrupt.