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Orel Hershiser
Former Major League Pitcher and Broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers
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.@orelhershiser: acknowledging kneeball isn't a great idea considering it's a competitor to baseball. Better to slightly (or ever-so-slightly) disparage it. Or, just change the subject to soccer, then pivot back to baseball.
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@Joe_Davis @OrelHershiser You guys just got a lot of love from @espn for the job you're doing this season. Well deserved. #Dodgers
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.@ShaunBroyls: #Dodgers are working hard to marginalize #baseball with a #Dodgers blackout. @Joe_Davis @OrelHershiser #ESPN
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.@orelhershiser: congrats on getting the last out. #beisbol #Cuba #baseball #AnnCoulter #communism